Advertising and Partnership Opportunities

We offer several inexpensive options for advertisers to get their message out to the great players of Louisville Trivia.

Promotional Giveaways

Louisville Trivia is always looking for new prize ideas. We have given away gift certificates, sports tickets, candy, t-shirts, store vouchers, and more. We also use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to help get the word out! If your company provides prizes, special recognition will be given at the event those prizes are given away.


Place your advertisement on the Louisville Trivia Website. This is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to have focused advertising for local customers.

Beverage Representatives and Promotion Managers

Our pub quizzes offer excellent opportunities for branding, product sampling, and call to action campaigns directed to a targeted audience. Partner with Louisville Trivia to market your brands and promote special pricing during Louisville Trivia events to boost sales volume. We can place your logo and message on our Website. This ensures that our audiences will get your message.

For more information about partnership opportunities and advertising costs, please contact us.

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